Who We Are

At Global Harvest Church, Island, our aim is to create a place where people from all walks of life are comfortable enough to worship and serve God together. An environment where no one feels intimidated whilst serving God in the company of a business owner or a cleaner, an experienced believer or a new-comer. A place where we can all worship in harmony, and work towards a better state of life. While we are grateful that you are checking us out on this platform, we can not wait to meet you in the nearest future at our worship venue. We will make you feel right at home. Blessings!!!

The Founding Pastor of Global Harvest Church is Reverend Victor Adeyemi. He started the ministry in 1995 with the support of his wife Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi (Mama). In the space of 3 months the family building, life-saving impact the church was having in Ibadan was powerful. From a humble start in the Banquet Hall of Premier Hotel, they outgrew the space within 6 months and moved twice before they acquired their permanent site in Ibadan in 1998.

Reverend Victor Adeyemi’s spiritual journey dates far back to when some of us were not even born. In February 1986, during a week of consecration in fasting and prayer, he saw a picture of a worldwide soul-winning and church planting ministry. With a passion for soul birthed out of this experience, he committed himself to a life of ministry. After obtaining a college diploma in law in 1989, he joined Rhema Chapel International Churches, Ilorin, Nigeria as a full-time Minister and became Founding Pastor of Rhema Chapel, Ibadan in September 1990. He pastored the church for 5 years, planting two others in the city before moving on to establish Global Harvest Church as prompted by the Holy Spirit.

As Global Harvest Church continues to grow in community, it also extends into new locations and the vision Reverend had back in 1986 is coming to pass, with the church community now leading life-evolving, Christ-like behaviour in Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Global Harvest Church Island, Lagos.

About Us Rev&mama

To become a multi-channel mega-church of inter-connected branches reaching into all continents and shaping the culture of nations and generations.


Helping individuals discover and accomplish their God-given purpose through life-transforming experiences with Christ.

Core values

F – Family | Lo – Love
A – Authenticity | T – The supernatural

The Evolution of Global Harvest Church, Island

From a humble start in Ibadan, Global Harvest church extended its reach to the Mainland of Lagos state where Pastors Jide George and Dare kolawole served then as associate Pastors with Our senior Pastor. In addition to his role as associate pastor, Pastor Dare also served as church administrator who was instrumental to the planting of the Island church in Lagos state.

Global Harvest Church Island began its chapter on 25 March 2014, with our founding Pastor who currently leads the church in Halifax, Canada, Pastor Jide George. He successfully planted the church and led it to a place of stability till Pastor Dare Kolawole came in from the mainland to join him as an associate in 2017.

After the founding pastor relocated in 2019, Pastor Dare Kolawole was appointed as the lead pastor of the branch. Since then, our Lead Pastor has led by example, with a focus to maintain and build on the family community that gives people an opportunity for growth and accountability; simplicity and sincerity; and love and acceptance. As we move closer into our next decade, the drive is to grow a stronger discipleship culture where we are motivated by seeing people navigate life, and evolve into God’s predefined destiny for them. We hope you accept our invite to join our family at Global Harvest Church, Island.

About Us

Missional Community

To understand this, you first need to acknowledge that the goal of any church is to save spiritual lives, to help people find love in each other, themselves and God. Missional communities are small groups focused on living out Christ’s love and sharing the Gospel in specific contexts. They prioritise building relationships, embodying Gospel principles, promoting spiritual growth, and engaging in community service. Each missional community is an extension of the church vision and starts with one person reaching out towards their neighbourhood or network to build over time a community of 20-40 people that are united in their mission in spreading the good news of Jesus.

We 'PPEGG' Together!

As a missional community Church, our approach and shared activities are embodied in the acronym dubbed “P P E G G” which stands for Pray, Play, Eat, Grow, and Go i.e. We Pray together, Play together, Eat together, Go together, and Grow together.

P – Pray together – We are a church of missional communities that pray and worship together regularly. We study the Word together and engage in activities that help improve our “UP” life together.

P – Play together – We are a missional church that Plays together. We schedule time to play together and engage in activities that help build healthy communities with lots of laughing and fun-filled activities. This helps us bond and build a stronger community of believers. “All purpose and no play makes for a dull MC”.

E – Eat together – We are a missional community church that Eats together. We believe eating together helps open the hearts of people to us and ultimately to God. As such, we eat together as MCs and as a Church.

G – Grow together – We are a community church that seeks to Grow together. Growing together is the core of discipleship and the core of activities that each MC engages in. Growing together helps us drive the accountability aspect of life through each MC. Each member is accountable to each other, checks on each other regularly, and ensures everyone is doing well spiritually, socially, and physically.

G – Go together – We are a MISSIONS-focused church. Mission is the key purpose at the centre of our existence and the essence of our MCs. As such, we constantly engage in mission activities both formally and informally. We believe that “All play and no purpose make a pointless MC – Church”.